Refund Policy

A member can cancel their monthly rent verification subscription at any time.

Ways you can cancel:

A user is not eligible to receive a refund for the verification fee if we are unable to verify their rental payment history.

ALL Refund Requests must be made within 30 days of our first reporting you’re rent to the credit bureau(s). Refund requests made after the 30 days will not be processed.

Why does Rent Report Team withhold a verification fee?
Our team wants to get you to the finish line, and we will try our very best to help you, but in the event, we are unable to help you in a positive way. See reasons below (Not limited to)

  • Late payment verified via Landlord
  • You attempted to report a private mortgage
  • You attempted to report an illegal sublease
  • You were asked to provide additional documentation/Current Lease agreement; like confirmation of residence or a photo ID and was unable to.
  • You attempted to use a CPN

In any of these cases Rent Report Team will keep $29.99 verification fee to cover the time and money our team spent trying to verify your information.

If you attempt to provide false information to our company, we will not be issuing any refund. We believe that honesty and integrity is best policy .

Refund Timeframe:
Refunds are processed within 2-5 business days after request is made.
It can take 2-7 days for a refund to show up on your bank or credit card account.

Starting a New Lease at a Different Address:
With the help of our members, we try to work as team to make any transition smooth. If you move out, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can make any update on account with new address along with a new verification fee .

If we have a non-responsive account for 3 months or under, we will reach out to our member to see if you have moved or need to cancel ongoing services, no monthly fees will be reimbursed.

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