Rent Report Team FAQ

Rent Report Team is a service offered to Renters who want to improve or maintain a good credit score by having their rental payments reported the credit bureau.

There are three simple steps involved in the Rent Reporting process:

  1. The Verification Process:
    There are two steps to the verification process. The first step of this process is confirming your identity. We will use the information you provided in your ¬†application to verify your identity. The information we use for this purpose includes your address, social security number, and date of birth. We will also ask for your landlord’s contact information. Your social security number is used to verify and confirm your identity with the credit bureau.
  2. LandLord Verification:¬†During the Landlord Verification, The Verifications Team will reach out to your Landlord or property management to verify that tenant has a lease and is current with monthly payment. During this verifications process, we will request documentation from the Landlord or property management to establish the lease agreement. Landlord or Property Management will have to agree to sign a simple agreement between Rent Report Team. This agreement gives Rent Report Team the authorization to report your rent payment to your credit report. Please note if it’s a Private Landlord, He or she will have to provide a copy of their Driver’s License that will help establish true ownership of tenant address.
  3. Credit Bureau Reporting:
    Credit bureau reporting is the final step to reporting your monthly rental payment. Once Rent Report Team receives all the necessary documents to report your credit file, we will establish the trade line with credit bureau. Once this step is complete, we will report your rental payment on a monthly basis.

The Credit scoring technology is operated by credit bureaus, and this is the reason we are not able to determine how many points your credit score changes. Aside from this, we are confident in the positive results you will notice in your credit score from the satisfaction of our previous customers. On average, our customers notice a 15-25 point increase in their credit score once the trade line is established on credit report.

Depending on when Tenant signs up for services, it can be take up to 14-21 days to see reporting on credit profile. Trade Line will be reported to credit bureau once all supporting documents are received. We report Trade Lines to credit bureau between the 1st-14th of every month.

As a Tenant you can expedite the process by providing your lease agreement via email, after initial sign up.

All changes you may need to make, including changing your billing method or mailing address, can be made by logging into your account with the username and password you created when you opened account. Feel free to contact one of our dedicated customer representatives for further help via email or contact us page.

Our services are 100 % money back guaranteed on monthly subscription fee. The enrollment fee is Non-Refundable.

These fees are in place for initial and continuous verification purposes to boost your credit score. The one-time fee pays for the landlord verification process, and the ongoing monthly subscription fee allows us to verify and report rental payments you make automatically.

Although Rent Report Team service helps with improving your credit score, we are not a credit repair service.

Yes, You can report up to 12 months of past rental payments to your credit profile at an additional fee of $7.00 per month. On time Past rental payments will have to be verified with landlord / property manager in order to report back dated payments.

Your Landlord or Property Management has to be willing to give authorization to Rent Report Team to Report Tenants Rental history to credit Bureau. Without Landlord/Property Management participating, File can’t be submitted to credit bureau.